Welcome to the Everyday Heritage Blog.  

This weblog (an obsolete term that was created in the late 1990s) has two purposes. First, it is a resource that shares the thinking, work, and experiences of the Everyday Heritage Team on approaches, tools, and methods that can be applied in exploring everyday heritage, including how this concept might be conceptualised and defined. Second, it is a creative space or ‘learning lab’ in which we experiment with and trial ideas about how to engage with everyday heritage.

Based on Blog content generated over the 15 months to February 2025, we will produce heritage industry and community focused guidance on methodologies for everyday heritage. The work will focus on digital methods and multi-method assemblages, as well as emphasise an understanding of everyday heritage which results from working with places, archives and communities (that is, co-productive practices). In this guidance we will suggest that different practices can produce different forms of heritage. 

Want to contribute to the work of the Everyday Heritage project? If so, see Guide for Contributors and contact us with a proposal for a blog post.