What: Exhibition
When: 16 March – 1 September 2024
Where: Open Collections Gallery, Canberra Museum + Art Gallery (CMAG)
(corner London Circuit and City Square, Canberra City)

Backyard Archaeology tells the story of thousands of small objects that Steve Brown collected from around an ordinary suburban house and garden. Some of the objects were collected during house renovations, others while gardening, and many from archaeological digs.

From the numerous objects, including a miniature gnome, an airline teaspoon, medicine bottles, and toy handcuffs, Steve explored the history of his property and local area. He learned about people who had lived there previously and how past lives were lived.

The exhibition shows how a person can become deeply connected to found objects and how everyday encounters with lost and forgotten things can shape us and give us a ‘sense of place’.

Backyard Archaeology includes the photographic series, 35mm sieve, by artist and archaeologist Ursula K. Frederick.

Information is available on the CMAG website here.

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